Owensboro has a LOT of great restaurants--a lot of restaurants, period. In fact, I seem to remember SEVERAL years ago--like, back in the 80s--when we had so many restaurants per capita that we were on a top ten list or something.

I know for a fact Bowling Green was ranked second at that time; I had a lot of friends on the College Heights Herald and they had access to that info. No Internet back in the dark ages, you'll recall.

But despite the number of eateries in our city, there are still quite a few chains--national or regional--well represented in Evansville but not here.

And some are high enough on folks' lists that they'll make special trips JUST to dine at those locations.

We used to do that. It was quite common when I was young for my family to build an evening in Evansville around eating at Red Lobster or Mac's Barbecue. We didn't have a Red Lobster in Owensboro at the time.

So let's dig in, so to speak, and take a look at some places that attract Owensboro patrons to Evansville. Some of these could very well find a home here and some probably won't.

Evansville Restaurants We Don't Have in Owensboro

There are some national and regional chain restaurants in Evansville that we don't have in Owensboro. There are some we COULD have, some we HAVE had, and some we're not likely to EVER have.
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