We'll have the chance to honor and remember all fallen heroes during Run for the Fallen this weekend. The run starts on Saturday morning at the Shelton Memorial in Downtown Owensboro, will stop in Greenville, and will conclude in Hopkinsville. We have the route so you can cheer them on as they sprint past your town. #neverforget

Kentucky Run For The Fallen
Kentucky Run For The Fallen

3rd Annual Kentucky Run For The Fallen

The 3rd Annual Kentucky Run For The Fallen is happening on Saturday, September 18th, and Sunday, September 19th, 2021. It's a chance to pay tribute to our Kentucky fallen men and women of the military. Local runners and others from all over the country will run this weekend. The opening ceremony will get underway at 6:30 on Saturday morning at the Shelton Memorial in Downtown Owensboro. These hero runners will start around 7 AM and they'll be in Downtown Greenville at the courthouse by 6 PM. On day two at around 6:30 AM they will continue on to Kentucky Veterans Cemetery in Hopkinsville. They will arrive right around 3:00 PM. Let's cheer them on along the route which is detailed below! #chills

2019 Kentucky Run For The Fallen Runners
2019 Kentucky Run For The Fallen Runners

Something else pretty special will happen during the weekend as well. Something amazing with my friend Chris Conley. He has carried the army men and women pictured below for every run for the last 2 years. That's over 1000 miles of running. Now, he'll give them back to the families. I'm so proud of him and all that participate in this beautiful run to honor our heroes and Gold Star Families.

"Pictured is 252 Kentucky Fallen Heroes. This weekend every name will be said during the two-day 110 mile Kentucky Run For The Fallen relay. As one of the runners, I can’t wait to get rolling. There are no words that can describe the feeling you get from a Gold Star Family hug. It’s beyond compare."

Christopher Conley
Christopher Conley

"This year I’m sending these Warriors back home to their mommas. I’ve run over 1000 miles the past couple of years with most of our states' Fallen Heroes in my ultra vest. This mission is complete, it was the ultimate honor to have them with me every stride. These Warriors need to go home and be with their families. A Hero dies twice…. Once at their death and again when no one ever says their name again.", Christopher Conley

Kentucky Run For The Fallen
Kentucky Run For The Fallen

Donations are Appreciated

If you can donate any Gatorade, Pedialyte (liquid or powder pouches), kosher dill pickles, gummy bears, skittles, trail mix, bananas, energy bars, or pretzels to support the runners they would appreciate it. Send a message HERE to support this beautiful mission.

Run for the Fallen/Honor and Remember

Each year since the first run across America, runners from around the world have joined Run for the Fallen in remembering our fallen. Over 50,000+ participants and over 200,000+ miles have been collectively run in remembrance of those heroes, organized in over 26 states. Run for the Fallen is a subsidiary of Honor and Remember, Inc a 501(c)(3) organization honoring our fallen service members and their families.

Run For The Fallen Detailed Route with HERO Mile Markers

Day One Route - Downtown Owensboro to Downtown Greenville (Saturday)


Fallen Heroes Mile Markers

HMD1-001 MILE 02 7:22am
HMD1-002 MILE 04 7:44am
HMD1-003 MILE 06 8:06am
HMD1-004 MILE 08 8:28am
HMD1-005 MILE 10 8:50am
HMD1-006 MILE 12 * 9:12am
HMD1-007 MILE 14 9:34am
HMD1-008 MILE 16 9:56am
HMD1-009 MILE 18 10:18am
HMD1-010 MILE 20 10:40am
HMD1-011 MILE 22 11:02am
HMD1-012 MILE 24 11:24am
HMD1-013 MILE 26 11:46am
HMD1-014 MILE 28 12:08am
HMD1-015 MILE 30 12:30pm
HMD1-016 MILE 32 12:52pm
HMD1-017 MILE 34 1:14pm
HMD1-018 MILE 36 1:36pm
HMD1-019 MILE 38 * 1:58pm
HMD1-020 MILE 40 2:20pm
HMD1-021 MILE 42 2:42pm
HMD1-022 MILE 44 3:04pm
HMD1-023 MILE 46 3:26pm
HMD1-024 MILE 48 3:48pm
HMD1-025 MILE 50 4:10pm
HMD1-026 MILE 52 4:32pm
HMD1-027 MILE 54 4:54pm
HMD1-028 MILE 56 5:16pm
HMD1-029 MILE 58 5:38pm
HMD1-030 MILE 60 6:00PM (159 Hopkinsville St, Greenville, KY)
2021 END OF DAY 01

Day Two Route - Downtown Greenville to Kentucky Veterans Cemetery in Hopkinsville (Sunday)


Fallen Heroes Mile Markers

HMD2-031 MILE 62 6:22am
HMD2-032 MILE 64 6:44am
HMD2-033 MILE 66 7:06am
HMD2-034 MILE 68 7:28am
HMD2-035 MILE 70 7:50am
HMD2-036 MILE 72 8:12am
HMD2-037 MILE 74 8:34am
HMD2-038 MILE 76 8:56am
HMD2-039 MILE 78 9:18am
HMD2-040 MILE 80 9:40am
HMD2-041 MILE 82 10:02am
HMD2-042 MILE 84 10:24am
HMD2-043 MILE 86 10:46am
HMD2-044 MILE 88 11:08am
HMD2-045 MILE 90 11:30am
HMD2-046 MILE 92 11:52am
HMD2-047 MILE 94 12:14pm
HMD2-048 MILE 96 12:36pm
HMD2-049 MILE 98 * 12:58pm
HMD2-050 MILE 100 1:20pm
HMD2-051 MILE 102 * 1:42pm
HMD2-052 MILE 104 2:04pm
HMD2-053 MILE 106 2:26pm
HMD2-054 MILE 108 2:48pm
HMD2-055 MILE 109 3:00pm (5817 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY)

Our thoughts and prayers will be with these special souls as they run, honor, and remember! We'll be with you in spirit along the route and cheering from the sidelines.

A soldier dies twice: once whenever they take their last breath; and again when their name is never said again, they are forgotten.” #neverforget

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