You've seen Dave Spencer's photos.  Now here are mine.  We are both pumped to be a part of the new horror movie anthology, Volumes of Blood.  A couple of weeks ago I went over to the Daviess County Public Library to shoot my death scene.  It's really gory, but was a lot of fun!  Check it out!

In the movie I play a security guard who stumbles across gruesome double homicide in a parking lot.  Needless to say, I am shocked to be confronted by a masked murderer.

I have a flashlight. The killer has a gigantic butcher knife. I'm toast!

Shortly after telling the slasher to put down the knife, he does just the opposite and guts me like a deer with it.

I don't want to spoil the special effect sequence, but just know that the position of the camera for my murder scene is CRAZY!!  And the shot looks as gruesome as you can imagine.  Oh, and yeah.  Those are real hog parts I'm holding.  We got them from a butcher shop and I'm standing there holding them. They're bloody.  They're cold.  They're gross.  Get it, Chadley Lee Curtis!

You'd think that guy would put down the camera and help a brother out.  I mean. geez!  I was just doing my nightly patrols around the parking lot when I stumbled across an insane killer who field-dressed me like Bambi.

Seriously though, I had an incredible time on set.  See it wasn't all death and despair.

Okay, well scratch that.  You can see the killer in this shot and he obviously wants a piece of this.

But keep your eyes peeled for the premiere of Volumes of Blood.  It will have its big debut in March here in Owensboro and the film is full of cameos by folks just like me.  I know I speak for Dave Spencer and the rest of the cast when I say, "We can't wait to see ourselves die on screen!"