A couple of years back, Moon and I were dared to eat sardines live on the air.  And it didn't go really well.  Moon bought a can of sardines that were coated in mustard and they were gnarly!  Mine were coated in some kind of olive oil or sesame oil or peanut oil or motor oil!  Whatever it was, they were just as bad as Moon's!  But, we accepted the challenge, ate the sardines and paid for it the rest of the day.  We both smelled like the coast of Maine for about 24 hours.  So, we decided that it was time for Jaclyn to face her fears . . . and eat a nasty old sardine!

Now, you're probably asking yourself . . . how did all this happen?  Well, last Friday was Jimmy Parrot's birthday party and, somehow, the Great Sardine Eating Incident of 2009 came up in conversation.  Well, Hawesville Mayor Rita Stevens, who was on her way into the studio for Jimmy's special day, heard us and decided to bring a can of sardines with her!  And, from where I was sitting, that can had "Jaclyn Graves" written all over it.  And, as you can tell, Jaclyn was SOOOOOO cooperative in sampling the scrumptiousness from the sea!

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