When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Opryland USA in Nashville, Tennessee. The theme park was home to some of my favorite amusement park rides of all time- Grizzly River Rampage, the Screamin' Delta Demon and the Wabash Cannonball. It was also home to an indoor 'illusion' coaster called Chaos.

By the way, not only does the following video have rare onboard footage of Chaos and video from the original TV commercial campaign for the ride, it also has some actual ride footage from the Grizzly River Rampage. You're going to LOVE this!

By the way, the folks at Coaster Key did a deep dive into the creation, history and lifespan of Chaos in a mini-documentary. Among the fun facts you'll learn, Chaos was the only coaster of its kind in the United States until Opryland's closure in 1997.

If you were an Opryland fan like me and still pine away for the park's return, this will give you some hope. There happens to be a nearly exact replica of Chaos- a sister coaster- and it's STILL in operation! Bobbejaanland in Belgium is home to Revolution. And, yes! Revolution IS Chaos!

Recently, Theme Park Review visited the park and took a ride of the indoor coaster with the lights on. If you were a fan of Chaos, this video is going to bring back a ton of memories!  Take a look.

Here's a great video that show what it's like to ride Revolution (a.k.a. Chaos) in the front seat.

According to CoasterForce, the producers of that video, there were only two Vekoma Illusion indoor coasters ever built. One was Revolution. The other was Opryland's Chaos, which was built back in 1989.

Though Opryland's gone, the spirit of Chaos lives on through the Revolution at Bobbejaanland.

Bobbejaanland is located near Antwerp in Lichtaart, Belgium.

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