As I have shared before, I was a huge fan of Opryland.  I grew up going to that theme park and spent endless hours and days on rides like The Grizzly River Rampage, The Screamin' Delta Demon, the Wabash Cannonball and more.  Opryland was THE best and was a popular destination for families and country music fans for two decades.  Then, suddenly, it closed, was torn down and turned into a giant mall.  Fans of the theme park didn't get it then.  Honestly, many, like me, don't get it now.  Why Opryland closed remains a mystery to fans of the park.  Fans like Bill Marion, who created a YouTube video dedicated to Opryland and the "mystery" of its demise.

According to Bill, "Once upon a time there was a theme park in Nashville, Tennessee called Opryland, and it was demolished. The real mystery is that no one really knows why it was demolished, even those who did the demolishing."

So, here it is-  Bill's dissertation, based on his study of public records regarding the theme park, about the decision to close Opryland.  It's The Great Opryland USA Mystery!

What was your favorite attraction at or memory about Opryland?

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