Owensboro and surrounding areas are expected to get overnight windchills of 15 degrees or lower starting Sunday evening and lasting through Tuesday.

That kind of dip calls for a "white flag event" meaning shelters have been requested to place a white flag on the front doors of their facilities.

This will let the public know that extra bed space may be available.

St. Benedict's Homeless Shelter at 1001 West 7th Street will be a "white flag shelter" during this bitterly cold weather.

Bedding and linens, shower and toiletries, and warm place to spend the night for men, women, children, and families will be available.

White flag hours are 7PM through 8AM.

There will also be meals provided at the Daniel Pitino Shelter at 501 Walnut Street.

Breakfast will be served from 8AM to 10AM, lunch from 11AM to 11:30AM and dinner from 5:30PM to 6PM.

If bus transportation is needed, passes will be available at the Pitino Shelter to be used only for travel to the white flag shelter. If their accessibility issues and arrangements need to be made to accommodate such issues, the Pitino Shelter will contact GRITS. Keep in mind, however, that that may require a 2-hour notice.

For more information about the white flag event, you may contact the St. Benedicts Homeless Shelter manager, Harry Pedigo, at 270-541-1003.

Shelters will open Sunday through Tuesday evening.


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