Well, it appears some clowns are not happy with the reputation they have been receiving as of late. Come to think of it, didn't some of the "creepy clown" hype die down a bit? Wait, not quite. One clown community is organizing a march to reassure folks not all clowns are threatening. 

More than 100 clowns are expected to show up for the first ever so-called "Clown Lives Matter" march in Tuscon, Arizona on October 15th. Here's more about it.

Authorities all over the nation, including here in the Tri-State, have had to take all clown incidents and/or threats seriously even though the majority have turned out to be hoaxes.

I have a wacky theory about all these creepy clowns popping up. It's a viral marketing campaign for the new film version of IT, however it's not scheduled to be released in theaters until next September. A more believable theory? One person saw the creepy aspect of the story and a thousand copycats decided to run with it and possibly place themselves and others in danger.

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