For all of those that have asked for snow...Winter has arrived and she's ugly.  We're sharing much-needed cold weather hacks to make the snow a bit more bearable.

Chad gave me the genius idea to get a heated blanket this year.  I bought one for Joe, which he fell in love with, and carried it from room to room in our house.  Well, Lilly, our doodle decided she loved the cord and chewed it into pieces.  Before going to purchase a new blanket which isn't cheap I found a good hack if you aren't wanting to spend the money.

HEAT YOUR SHEETS- This is amazing.  You just get your hairdryer and lift the comforter and go back and forth over the sheets.  Now you have to work quickly and make sure you lay the comforter over until you jump in for the night.  Let me just say it is delightful and will help you drift off the dreaming.

Joe gave me the idea when he was preparing my truck for the weather a few nights ago he asked where I put the grocery bags.  I asked why and he said I am going to put them on your mirrors.

PLASTIC BAGS OVER YOUR VEHICLE MIRRORS- It really is a great way to use all those bags collecting space in your home.  The bags help keep the ice off the mirrors.   Take the bag place it over the mirror and wrap a rubber band around the end.

WD-40 is your BFF!  It can be used for many different hacks during cold weather.

WD-40-Brently my esteemed colleague educated me on this.  He says the WD stands for Water Displacement and the 40 is how many times it took to get the formula right.  So many of us are thankful they did.  This stuff is liquid gold.  You can actually spray it on your shoes to make them waterproof and on your snow shovel and windshield to keep the snow from sticking.

SHAVING CREAM-This one may get a little messy but it could seriously help and keep you safe at the same time.  My truck takes forever to heat up.  This means my windows fog when I get in and then I can't see.  I learned if you use shaving cream on the inside it keeps them from fogging so you can see as you drive and when you get in and out throughout the day.

COLD WEATHER JUST IN CASE PACK-You may never get stuck out in the cold in your car but if you do you need to be prepared.  My momma always made me carry a blanket and water, and a baggy full of snacks just in case.  And in the new day and age get a rechargeable phone port and keep it fully charged and take it each time you go out.

PLASTIC SHOWER CAPS-Finally a use for all those shower caps you pick up when you stay in a hotel.  Use them to put over your shoes when you walk to your car if you don't have boots.  This helps to keep your feet dry.

If you have a cold weather hack to share with us please head to the WBKR Facebook page and place it in the comment section.  These are just a few we have learned over the years.


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