Savannah Grace Lyons was in a life-threatening car accident this past weekend on her way to visit her father in Muhlenberg County.  Bridgepoint Church is hosting a prayer vigil for the community in her honor.

Angel here!  It is always heart wrenching to hear of someone in a serious car accident.  When it is one of our own it really hits you in the gut.  I began reading facebook posts about Savannah late this weekend and reached out to her momma Amanda Masterson (who I graduated with) and asked what happened and if I there was anything we could do.  Here is what she told me;

 Saturday morning Savannah was going to surprise visit her dad (he is in the prison in Central City) she came to my house so I could French braid her hair and she left about 9:30 to head that way. Around 2:30 her boyfriend started getting anxious bc he hadn’t heard from her and she hadn’t responded to text but visits don’t end until 2:30 so I told him to just be patient she wasn’t out yet. Around 3:15 she wasn’t answering my call or text either to just let me know she was okay. I immediately got worried when she didn’t answer me because she ALWAYS answers me even if she is aggravated with me or anything is going on.  I was in Ohio County at my husbands parents and around 4:20 we decided to leave to come home bc I was VERY worried and as soon as we pulled out of their drive I got the call from Vanderbilt that Savannah was there and had been in an accident.  They didn’t have details but we drove from there to Nashville. On the way to Nashville I finally got ahold of Muhlenburg Co SO and found out that a person driving behind her called in and reported that she had swerved to miss something in the road and she overcorrected I guess, and went off the left side of the road and hit a tree and flipped.   She was wearing a seatbelt so it kept her suspended hanging upside down.   She was flown from the scene to Vanderbilt.   She is in the trauma unit and has been fully checked over and she has no broken bones.   She has a brain injury and has swelling and brain bleeding but it is stabilized and not getting worse. She has staples in her head from a cut but it’s under hair not on her face. She has a black eye but other than that her face is not harmed. She has a cut up arm and lots of bruises but all damage besides her head is really minimal. She has not waken since she has been here. They did remove all sedation Monday morning and she responded to a couple commands so we were encouraged to stimulate her to try and wake her but we weren’t successful and it was too much for her and some medication she was given made her very agitated.   She was fighting and kicking when the staff tried to do anything with her so at this point that have sedated her again and are just watching her to allow her more resting time. So we didn’t get the progress they had hoped for but everyone does it in their own time. She is the boss of this and she wasn’t ready to wake up yet so we are just letting her rest now under the sedation and will try again to wake her maybe today or maybe tomorrow.

Savannah's mom Amanda asks that they community send her cards or letters so that when she wakes us she can read them to her.

Bridgepoint Church will also host a prayer vigil this evening at 5:45 p.m. and everyone is invited to gather in prayer.

If you would like to send a letter or card to Savannah you can drop it to the WBKR studios at 3301 Frederica Street here in Owensboro or you can send it to

VUMC 1211 Medical Center Drive
Attn: Savannah Lyons 10-N Trauma
Nashville, TN 37232

We will make sure all cards and letters get to them!

As a parent I cannot imagine what the family is going through but I know without a doubt faith is carrying them through.

Amanda Masterton
Amanda Masterton

Amanda told me that Savannah ran her first 5k a few weeks ago at the Colorblast 5k and has plans on running in the BBQ Fest 5k.

Amanda Masterson
Amanda Masterson

WBKR sends our thoughts and prayers for very fast recovery!

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