This is NUTS! Fellow Kentucky radio personality Tony Winfield, who works at WHVO in Hopkinsville/Cadiz, was sitting at a Hopkinsville railroad crossing yesterday, when the unthinkable happened. A car crossed in front of him and rushed through the crossing.  It narrowly, narrowly avoided being t-boned by the oncoming train.

As you can see from Tony's post, the incident happened at 3:35pm yesterday afternoon. He admits being stunned at what happened.I have to be honest. So am I.

As you can imagine, social media response has not been kind to the driver. Kelly Bradshaw sums up what happened expertly, "Oh my word! This makes me so anxious to watch, I can’t even imagine seeing it in real time. There’s no way I’d have been able to release recorded footage if it was me in the background. I’d have been hollering and saying who knows what. So scary!"

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