My sister gave me a cool book for Christmas called "Weird Kentucky." It's full of odd facts, strange happenings, bizarre history, and generally kooky information about the Bluegrass State. It also lays out the locations where you can go to encounter ghosts. I keep the book in the car so it will be handy whenever the mood strikes me to go investigating. And, since yesterday was such a nice day, I told my sister we should go ghost-hunting. It was kind of late in the day, so there was only time for one stop before dark. Yeah, I know you're supposed to look for spirits when the sun goes down, but, again, it was a really nice day. So we headed to the Old Richardsville Road truss bridge off Highway 185 just north of Bowling Green. Okay, legend has it that a girl was either killed on the bridge in a car accident or committed suicide many years ago. So, if you drive your car across the bridge, go up a little hill, and turn around and come back onto it, she will push your car across the bridge. You have to get your car onto the bridge and then put it in neutral. It's a rickety old wooden bridge and there's no way a car could move across it in neutral. For one thing, it's not on an incline. So we did it. Freaked me out. It was also really, really cool.

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