First of all, I'm happy to report that the Owensboro Parent Magazine 3rd Birthday Party Bash at the RiverPark Center was a huge success. Second, I may have conquered a fear.

There were many booths and activities at the party and the RiverPark was a packed house.

One of those booths featured staff from Evansville's Mesker Park Zoo who brought with them an Egyptian tortoise, a bearded dragon, and a couple of Kenyan sand boa constrictors.

Normally, I have always been incredibly squeamish when it comes to snakes, but as you saw in the video, I had no issues with petting one of those boas. Of course, it was a controlled environment and that may have helped. But I don't think I would have been able to go near that table if what I had could even remotely be considered a phobia.

So, yes, I will always be respectful of snakes, and I don't want to come up on one in a rural setting, just in case. But paralyzing fear? Nope. Not even close.

And don’t forget. More exotic creatures are headed to the RiverPark Center August 24th. Get your tickets for Jeff Musial Live by clicking here.


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