Angel here!  My husband, Joe and I don't watch much television but we do have shows that have ended and we still love to watch.  We recently found out the library can get those for us!

We love to watch crime shows.  One of our favorite's is Major Crimes which is a spin off The Closer.  Major Crimes had their series finale in the beginning of 2018 and my heart was crushed.

Joe had never seen the first few seasons of Major Crimes so he decided to check the library since they do carry lots of different television series on DVD.  To our disappointment they did not have it but WAIT...they asked him if it would be something he would be interested in and of course he said yes!

Last night he got a call and said I have a surprise for you I'll be right back.  He was gone just a few minutes and came back through the door with Major Crimes first season in hand!

He told me the guy at the library called him and said they got it in. When he arrived at the library they had already checked it out and unlocked it for him so he could be on his way.  Now that is service!  

Checking out movies is completely FREE and you can even reserve them online.

The Daviess County Public Library has over 10,000 movies in their collection.

You all know that I love a good bargain and you can't beat FREE!

This is perfect for family night or date night.

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