Two Daviess County Public Schools principals have been selected to ride along with the Blue Angels this week! We're SO excited for them.

(Rob O'Neal Getty Images)

Leslie Peveler, principal at Highland Elementary School, and Tricia Murphy, principal at Whitesville Elementary School, will take the ride of their lives this week to kick off the Owensboro Air Show. They've been selected to ride with the Blue Angels after being selected as “key influencers” in our community. Among the criteria for selection was being a person who “helps to shape attitudes and opinions of youth in their communities.”

Daviess County Public Schools

The ride will take place Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 at Mid America Jet, located at 1 Bullfrog Blvd. Departures are scheduled at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. so come out and support these amazing women.

Peveler said it is a great honor to have been chosen, along with her colleague Tricia Murphy. “It is a great opportunity for us to show the character traits we try to teach every day: Courage, leadership, perseverance and a pursuit of your very best,” Peveler said. “I can’t wait to tell my kids my story! The Blue Angels exhibit qualities I want my students, staff and Highland community to strive for: Honor, dedication and service. I can’t wait to meet them in this capacity; they are great, true models to follow. Bring on the flight suit and security briefing!”

The message I want to send others every day is that anything is possible with big dreams!” Murphy said. “My goal is to always encourage students and staff to persevere through challenges and work hard to be great leaders. This experience just may be one of the greatest productive struggles in all of my career; I’m really having to step outside of my comfort zone for this one! However, Whitesville Elementary School’s theme this year is ‘The Sky’s the Limit,’ so I guess it doesn’t get any bigger than a real-life ride with the Blues in a fighter jet!

We wish you well and soak it in. Enjoy every single moment of this adventure!