The first time I ate at Bonnie and Clyde's Pizza in Louisville was way back in the mid 1980's.  I was on a day trip with my aunt Roxie and uncle Bill and we stopped there for some lunch.  And I remember loving it.  I loved it so much it stayed in my memory until this year, when I finally got to return . . . after nearly 30 years.  And, you know what?  Bonnie and Clyde's is STILL awesome and totally worth a day trip of your own.

Bonnie and Clyde's is located at 7611 Dixie Highway and is a throwback to old school pizza parlors.  You order at the window.  You buy your beverages by the pitcher. And they still don't take credit cards.  That's right.  They only take cash.

When you place your order, in true Bonnie & Clyde's tradition, you are handed an over-sized playing card.  When your pizza is ready, they don't call you to the pick-up window my name.  They call you by card.  For instance . . .

On my last visit, I was the Four of Hearts!  And let me tell what the Four of Hearts got.  My absolute favorite pizza on the menu.  It's basic, but absolutely delicious!  I highly recommend a Bonnie & Clyde's pepperoni and hamburger pizza.

Here's a look at Bonnie & Clyde's full menu.

Seriously!  If you are ever in Louisville and want to experience a long-running pizza tradition, check out Bonnie & Clyde's.  They have been serving up pizzas in the Pleasure Ride Park area for over 40 years. My friend Corey Gant, who's from this area of Louisville originally, swears by the place.  In fact, he and his family visit Bonnie & Clyde's often.

I most recently stopped there with Dave Spencer and Corena, one of our WBKR sales associates.  Bonnie & Clyde's had them at "Hello!"  It's undeniably awesome and unique and I think you're gonna love and appreciate it too.  Drop in, place your order, get your playing card and have a seat.  At Bonnie & Clyde's the seating isn't private.  It's basically communal seating with big, long banquet-style tables.  Pull up a chair, make some new friends and enjoy some of the best pizza in the state!