Emmie Kate Williams, Lucy Jagoe Chaney, and Blakeley Wethington have created quite the legacy at Deer Park Elementary.  These three young ladies have represented their class in the year-end talent show every year since Kindergarten.

This year with the COVID-19 pandemic there were unable to take the stage.  These ambitious girls didn't let that break tradition.  They came together and according to Christy Chaney, Lucy's mom, with the help of technology and a really good friend were able to make their final farewell fifth-grade talent show performance happen.

The song Wondering by Julia Lester and Olivia Rodrigo.  I wasn't asked to be a judge but they have my vote.

It is such a joy to see students display their talents as a positive example to others.  Hopefully, they will carry on the tradition in the years to come.

Christy Chaney
Christy Chaney
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