Elephants were not meant to be in captivity.  When zoos and circuses are done with them they need a safe and nurturing place to go and we found it in Tennessee.


The Elephant Sanctuary provides a place of rest and refuge for many elephants. According to the mission of The Elephant Sanctuary;

Many of the elephants suffer long-term health and complex behavioral issues common to elephants that have spent their lives in captivity, such as tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, obesity, arthritis, and aggression. Because elephants have complex physical and social needs, successful outcomes are measured not only by the elephant’s physical health, but also their social, behavioral and psychological well-being.

They currently house 10 elephants with the ability to help and house many more.


When elephants live in the wild they are used to being able to roam free and walk several miles a day.  The sanctuary provides over 2,500 acres for them to explore and get back to the life they were meant to live out before they were put into captivity.  They even offer different habitats from Asian to African habitats. The elephants are placed in a safe environment away from a world that hunts and wants to hurt them when they are brought to the sanctuary.


The sanctuary does not allow visitors inside.  They provide an Elecam that allows people who truly love the elephants can watch them.  The elecam is solar-powered and tracks the elephants all over the sanctuary.



Even though you can't actually visit or touch the elephants you can get involved and help them.  The Elephant Sanctuary has a volunteer program called EleAmbassadors.  You get training and recognition for your work.  You also get the comfort of knowing you are helping these amazing creatures thrive.

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