Disney World is quite possibly the most magical place on earth.  You might not be able to own Disney but you can get pretty close with this Magical Disney Dream Home In Florida.

The home is located in Palm Bay, Florida just about an hour away from Walt Disney World.  It's over 7,000 square feet of Disney heaven.  When you pull into the drive at this enchanted place the first delightful Disney sight you'll encounter is one of two Mickey Pools sitting directly outside the front porch.

Highlights of the home include; Resting on Eight Acres, Five Bedrooms, Six Bathrooms, Two Mickey Mouse Shaped Pools, a hot tub, a grotto, a Huge lake w/waterslide, a Go-Kart Track, a Home Movie Theater Room, and an Extra 10-acres to add more of your Disney fantasies.

The home is currently off the market but was for sale a few years ago for the cool price of $850,000.


You'll find some of your other favorite Disney Friends like Dory and Nemo in other rooms of this amazing place.

What would you do with the extra 10-acres?  I think I would add my own personal campground and maybe a few cabins to allow friends and family to come and stay on the grounds and enjoy the magic right along with us.

Would you live here if you could?

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