Do you have a child that loves to clean?  Only one of my four kiddos likes to pick up a broom or a Lysol wipe and help out.  At what age do you think children should start helping their parents around the house?  Let's talk about it.

It is so important as parents that we help our children learn responsibility at an early age.  Teaching them young to do chores, clean up after themselves, and take pride in their home is such an important job for parents.

Angel here and growing up it was just my momma and I.  She worked three jobs so I had help out around the house.  She started teaching me when I was very small how to clean.  If she was dusting in the house she would give me a cloth and I would follow her around and help too.

All my boys do multiple chores on a weekly basis from cleaning their rooms, putting away laundry, and mowing the yard.  Of course, Tucker, 8, does not mow the yard, but I make sure he has a specific set of things he does to help around the house.  He picks up toys, helps clean up after the animals, and sometimes he helps keep Charlotte busy.

Speaking of Charlotte she is the whole reason this conversation came up.  I was in the studio one morning this week and Joe sent me a photo of her sitting on the bathroom counter.  She had moved everything to the floor and was doing some major deep cleaning.  His exact words were "She's cleaning everything and I'm gonna loooose it!"  She even put it all back exactly how she found it.

Angel Welsh
Angel Welsh

I have found chores make kids more accountable and they even respect what I do for them around the house.  Now I will be honest and say "they are boys so yes they're still messy but they know what is expected of them."


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