Angel Here!  Being a parent is absolutely EXHAUSTING!  I try super hard to stay on top of all my kids are doing and most of all the things they are supposed to be doing.  Sometimes I fail!

Last night my older boys dad discovered our youngest son Braden has a facebook page.  Now I know some parents don't think it's a big deal but to this mom it is.  He isn't old enough by facebook rules or mature enough by momma rules.  He has had issues with being responsible with technology so to find out he has his own account infuriates me.

His excuse:  "Mom I just have Messenger so I can talk to my Memaw"  WRONG!!!  And can you take a moment to explain to me why you are on facebook at 10:22 p.m. on May 4, which is a Friday night.  I AM GONNA LOOOOOOSE IT!


As if finding out one son having a social media account wasn't enough I get a text early this morning from my husband with this picture and a text that read "I woke up to find this":

Angel Welsh

Our youngest son, Tucker, decided to get up early and dress his sister Charlotte's dress!!!  Note:  He also has his pants on backwards LOL!

Please tell me I am not alone in this crazy world of parenting!

I guess we just have to find the humor in all of this or we may loose our minds!