Do you have a healthcare question for a physician?  We're giving you the opportunity to ask that question here at and, possibly, on air on WBKR.  Dr. Victoria Edwards from Deaconess Clinic Owensboro is here to help.

Dr. Edwards is joining us every Wednesday on the WBKR morning show and she'll be discussing important health care topics that concern you and your children.  As a matter of fact, you can submit your questions to and we could ask your question live on-air when we "Talk With The Doc".

With students returning to school, parents have lots of questions weighing heavy on their minds and we want to help ease the worry and help find answers.

Here are some examples of questions some may have;

  1. Why do people need a primary care physician?
  2. How often should someone see their primary care physician?
  3. Is it true some sunscreens protect people's skin better than others?
  4. How can adults and children avoid bug bites?  When should a person seek treatment for a bug bite?
  5. Back to school is around the corner-How important is it for children to have an annual physical or sports physical before school starts?

If you are looking for a primary care physician you can contact Deaconess Clinic Owensboro and set up an appointment. 

You can also give them a call at 270-215-3199.

Dr. Edwards is primary care but can provide service to the entire family.

If you have a question for Dr. Edwards you can submit it right here.

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