As a mom I often poll others moms on social media for different things from books, camps, and more.  I don't understand why parents ask for medical advice on social media.Before you all go on a rant let me be specific!  I have witnessed multiple times on social media where a parent will post a picture of their child's body or face or whatever and then say "do you think I should take him or her to the doctor?"  In one instance over Christmas break I saw someone post a picture of their child (very sick I will add) and then asked if anyone thought they should go to convenient care!!!!!  I'm sorry I didn't realize you had to wait for everyone else to tell you to take your poor child to the doctor.  Now I am sure some of you are cursing me right now and I am okay with this.

Here's the thing.  As parent's we know our children better than anyone!  Trust your gut and if your wrong no one is going to trash you or tell you how stupid you are.  If anything they are going to appreciate you caring enough for going to the doctor and getting it checked out.

Example:  Tucker hasn't been feeling well for the past few days.  I could have easily posted what he looked like and his symptoms on social media instead I took him to the walk in clinic.  Thankfully he did not have the flu but the Nurse Practitioner said it was good that I brought him in anyway.

This blog isn't to make anyone mad it is more to say moms, dads, caretakers trust YOU!  Not the opinions of a million people ready to pounce at the opportunity to comment.  While most are well-meaning there are others that don't have the slightest clue.

I found a great article at and it gives 24 Outstanding Statistics on How Social Media has impacted the Medical Industry.  From where people prefer to get advice to what medical apps people are using.

We all have our own pet peeves and this is one of mine.  Does that mean if you do it you need to stop...absolutely not!  This is just one opinion!

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