I noticed Saturday morning a few very large ants in our house.  As the weekend progressed I began to see several more of these little critters!  I decided to find out why and how to fix the problem!Ants don't necessary bother me it's the idea of them being in our house, around my food, and possibly crawling into bed with me that does!  The ants I found were not the tiny little brown ants you commonly find on a window seal.  NO!  These suckers looked like they may have been hibernating all winter somewhere getting hopped up on the "juice" if you know what I mean!  I learned the ants in my house was called carpenter ants.  It is a common ant found in houses but I had never seen one in our house.  I did a little research and found out more about them and how to control and kill them if you have an infestation.

What I've learned.  Ants live in a colony (which I knew) and the worker ants can't actually consume the food many people see them packing around.  They take it back to the colony and feed it to the larve.  The larve then eat and dispose of the food and the queen and worker ants eat from the larve.  So the best way suggested besides professional help is to get a bait so that the worker ants carry it back to the colony and kill all the stages of production.  If you plan on tackling the problem yourself be careful.  These ants although mostly harmless can become very agitated if bothered and can inflict a painful bite.

All that is way too much work for me so we are having the professionals come and send our uninvited guests on their merry way!  You know I always try to be hospitable to everyone that comes over but these guys NEED TO GO!


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