When I was younger I lived near English Park for one summer.  We loved riding our bikes to the park and playing games in the giant picnic shelter!  No one I talk to remembers it being there but me!English Park is a 13-acre park with a beautiful view of the river.  Many gather their for our annual Celebration of the 4th of July.

In October 1994, the city put a plan of action together to begin improvements on the park.  Many of the local residents of the area wanted more parking

My friends and I loved going to Picnic Grove and playing in the large shelter located under the trees.  I believe if I remember correctly it was about 3 stories high.  It had lots of picnic tables and was able to hold several families for reunions or parties.  We of course used it for hide and seek, and tag!  I moved away summer 1993 and of course they tore it down not long after that!

Via English Park Master Plan Study

The City followed through and renovated the park adding a large parking lot, updated playground area, and a large marina for boating and fishing.

Angel Welsh

I have to say I sure wish the picnic structure was still there.  It was so much fun!