I have an unusual story about disco dancing and I didn't know it WAS unusual until I started telling it.

I was in middle school during the height of the disco craze, so our class parties' soundtracks were replete with the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Chic, and all the other acts that made a killing during that era.

When I was in 7th grade, our gym teacher took an entire week and taught us how to disco dance. I am not kidding. The Latin Hustle, the American Hustle, the Four-Count Hustle...ALL the hustles. We learned 'em. And...I forgot 'em.

And that was just as well since disco died a quick death in 1980.

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But disco music made a comeback and STAYED thanks to nostalgia and the fact that people were just having fun. And, honestly, disco music has easy dance beats.

But what if it was a 'silent disco'?

It's been around a while, but I'm just now learning about it.

I went to our good friend Wikipedia for a crash course and discovered that at a silent disco, the music is not sent through a speaker system. Instead, all those dancing are wearing HEADPHONES and listening in that manner.

What's interesting to me is that the dancers are not all listening to the same music. It makes sense that if headphones are involved, so are multiple channels.

In other words, folks are out there on the dance floor doing their thing to different rhythms.

Owensboro gets to experience this Saturday evening, June 26th, when the city's SECOND silent disco hits 2nd Street--between Daviess and St. Ann Streets--from 9 PM to midnight.

Three DJs will be playing three different genres of music. Participants can switch between them on their headphones.

So you'll not only see a lot of different movements on the street, you'll also have the unique experience--if you're just a spectator--of watching people dance and hearing no music.

That's gotta be really wild.

I just have one question. Where will they hang the disco ball?

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