A town in Eastern Kentucky just got their first roundabout, and let's just say that people were a little confused.

We here in the Evansville area are somewhat used to roundabouts. There are a few in the area, and they really aren't that hard to use...or so you would think. There's a video going viral of a new roundabout that just opened up in Morehead, Kentucky.

Roughly 4,000 cars pass through the intersection of Routes 60 and 801 in Morehead, Kentucky each day. According to WKYT, this area has a lot of serious automobile accidents. So city officials thought that they could reduce the amount of accidents in the area by adding in a roundabout. This would be the first roundabout in that area.

For those who don't know, this is how a roundabout works:

Eyewitness News
Eyewitness News

Sounds like a simple concept, right? Basically, when approaching a roundabout, you must first yield and look to your left for traffic and yield to all traffic that is already circulating the roundabout. Once traffic to your left has cleared, you proceed driving in a counterclockwise motion around the roundabout until you turn on whatever your desired road is. Most of us have driven on one here in the area, so we already know that. However, it appears the people in Morehead weren't so sure about how to drive on a roundabout.

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There's a video going viral that shows folks driving on the newly opened roundabout, and it's pure ciaos! Cars are driving in every direction, driving down the opposite lane, and almost running into each other.

Hopefully drivers in that area get the hang of this roundabout sooner rather than later because if the confusion on this roundabout continues, I have a feeling it will lead to a few more accidents.



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