Okay, so I grew up in what I would consider a semi-rural area. I'm talking about just outside Hartford. Who knew it would take 30-40 years to read about a chicken being hostile at a local pharmacy. Where did this chicken come from? And why was he/she was so mad?

It all went down Friday morning in Elizabethtown. The EPD was called to the scene, a local pharmacy where they were to confront a "public menace".

Officers soon found themselves trying to corral a "hostile chicken who was menacing patrons".

Elizabethtown Police Department/Facebook
Elizabethtown Police Department/Facebook

Okay, what you don't see there is a milk crate, which would prove to be the successful trap for one menacing chicken.

Here is the hilarious report from the EPD's Facebook page:

Next time I buy a doughnut, I might want to keep it around, just in case.

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