Did you know that the Gates of Hell are in Kentucky?  Well, there's a cemetery in Elizabethtown nicknamed Gates of Hell.  There's a link about the cemetery floating around Facebook.  It was posted by the page Kentucky Unknown.  The cemetery looks completely frightening and, apparently, it is.

The Gates of Hell Cemetery is actually Kasey Cemetery.  It got its nickname because area folklore suggests that it's haunted.

According to Kentucky Unknown, "People have seen orbs, felt feelings of being watched, and other such things often associated with cemeteries."  However, local legend suggests that the grounds have been used for Satan worship, sacrifices and more.  Remind you of what you used to hear about Bon Harbor Hills in Owensboro? Allegedly, "Witnesses have reported finding bones, most likely of animals, on the cemetery grounds along with burnt wood."  And, this is comforting.  Other reported witnesses claim to have heard screams coming from the confines of Kasey Cemetery.  Yeah, no.

If you're interested in checking out the Gates of Hell, it's located "in the middle of nowhere".  Kentucky Unknown supplies directions to folks brave enough to check it out..  "Take St. John Road out of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and drive all along it for a ways. Eventually, you will see Bethlehem Academy, now a restaurant, drive past that. Go for a few more miles and you’ll find Kasey Cemetery."

I searched YouTube and found this. Nighwatchers3 featured Kasey Cemetery on their Season 2 premiere.

Would you enter the Gates of Hell?

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