Okay, so as you know, Stranger Things is just one of the most original, nostalgia, feel-good shows ever. Its fandom knows no bounds. I mean I own a Barb Funko Pop figure. anyway, I saw this on Facebook today and I squealed. 

Oh yeah, I'm in and here's what I found out about what Escape Today in Owensboro has in mind: "It's going to have a ton of 80's retro-style props, an arcade machine, and a ton of puzzles integral to the show itself. It will be more than one room and it will feature some things we've never done before. There will also be a little homage to Dungeons & Dragons!"

Enough said. Keep up with Escape Today online and on Facebook for all upcoming details and updates.

Speaking of retro here's what happened when the WBKR crew tried to get out of one of the escape room. EEK!

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