Though it's not surprising, McKamey Manor's move to McLeansboro, IL in the Tri-State is not happening. After several residents' complaints and vandalism incidents at the proposed property owned by Patricia Irvin, Russ McKamey has decided to go somewhere else, but where? Only McKamey knows.

In this video, Russ McKamey talks about the threats he has received due to the notoriety of his now in limbo extreme haunted house. Note: clip contains footage from McKamey Manor, possibly NSFW.

As for McLeansboro, Irvin claims McKamey made little effort to build relationships with the town's residents and leaders; and a sprinkler system was never installed after the fire marshal's inspection. Irvin says she was also misled about the attraction, initially thinking it was a family attraction, however, she decided to honor her agreement to let McKamey use the property. McKamey left $35,000 of equipment behind, including high-end speakers and props in Irvin's warehouse; it is not known when or if he will return to retrieve the items.

To this day, McKamey has a GoFundMe page set up to keep the original location in the San Diego area open. For now, those waiting for McKamey Manor's return will have to "Live (Their) Own Horror Movie" somewhere else.

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