Blueberries are absolutely, positively delicious.  The blueberries of Daviess County are back and ready for tasting.

This is a family-owned farm that started in 2001.  They have 12 varieties of blueberries which ripen early to late. Each variety has a slight variation in flavor and size.

Angel here and when I was the Director of the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Summer Day Camp we would take the campers to the Blueberry Farm to learn about the berries and also to pick them.

This year things are a bit different drive-thru service only at this time due to COVID-19. They will have someone who will take your order, gather your items, and take payment as you drive up.   There will also be raw honey available harvest from their farm.  Other items also include Rasberry and Blueberry jam.

They will also be coming to the Farmers Market SOON.

Blueberries of Daviess County Hanna Bailey

I saw on Facebook many people said that they were the very best blueberries around.

Daviess County Blueberry Farm

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