What an eerie sight those gas price signs became after the COVID-19 pandemic led to self-quarantining and, suddenly, we weren't using our vehicles NEARLY as much as we had been.

At the peak of self-isolation, the streets were incredibly quiet and their companion pieces were signs that seemed to change prices almost while you were looking at them.

Did anyone gauge how quickly we went from over two dollars down to 95 cents--the lowest number I've seen during the pandemic?

Actually, that's the lowest number I've seen in more than 30 years.

While I enjoy low gas prices just as much as the next person, this made me uneasy. It legit crossed my mind that it COULD have kept going toward numbers I hadn't seen since BEFORE I could drive.

But we're headed back to where we once were and I believe that's a good sign, for what it's worth--I'm hardly an economics expert. Far from it.

But while I briefly (very briefly) wondered if we'd get to the point where they were just GIVING it away, I have caught myself recently thinking (ALSO very briefly), "Oh, wow. Look how high the gas is...at $1.69."

And then I catch myself.

It's all relative, isn't it? I remember when we were paying nearly four dollars a gallon a decade ago and then in the early 2010s, we saw it dip below three dollars for the first time in eons. And we were joyous.

I'm not saying everyone's had the same thoughts I've had about the gas prices, I just thought it was funny how quickly I lowered my sights.

One minute, I'm dancing in the streets because gas is down to $1.99. A few weeks later, I'm look at $1.75 thinking, "Uh oh."

But no 'uh oh.' It was just short-lived conditioning and now, it seems, we're headed back to normal.


Okay, I'll stop.

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