Today I got the privilege of making the drive over the bridge to beautiful Santa Claus, Indiana to Holiday World.  Plans for the 2017 park season are well underway and they are having a lot of fun with the unveiling!


Around 50 people including park staff, news crews, and a few others gathered to help with this epic Mannequin Challenge video tease.  Even Holidog and George the Eagle showed up!


After lots of questions and excitement we were all let in on the big secret!

They will be adding a nostalgic family ride to the 4th of July section of the park.  The "Firecracker" appropriately named was first introduced as an amusement park ride in 1972 at LeSourdsville Park near Cincinnati, Ohio (however the park closed in 2002).  It was then sold to Fun Spot in Angola, Indiana, until that park shut down in 2008.


Holiday World purchased and is restoring this classic ride for 2017!  They told me there are only a handful of them left in the country!  I cannot wait to ride it with my boys!

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