I still remember making plans with my middle school friends to head to Townsquare Mall.  Our favorite store was The Limited!  This store is long gone along with many others I miss!Here are five stores I wish were still in Townsquare Mall;

1.  The Limited-This was the "IT" store for girls when I was growing up.  I remember I saved my money and bought a few outfits from there and wore them all the time!

2.  Dawhares-  Such a great store!  So many cute clothes and I could go in and always find something.

3.  Ham Wear-  Everyone had something from Ham Wear.  It was trendy and piggies were so fun!

4.  Famous Barr Home Store-  I remember planning what I would decorate my house with when I got older in here.  They always had the most beautiful plate patterns and bedding sets.

5.  Disc Jockey-  I loved this store because I could always find the series I wanted to watch on DVD!  Now there is Netflix which I don't have so I really miss this store.

What are some of the stores you miss most that used to be in the mall?  What stores do you wish we could have?