Extraterrestrial visitors reportedly invaded Kelly, Kentucky in 1955. To commemorate the "UFO landing", there's a two day festival planned just outside of Hopkinsville. Road trip?

Kelly "Little Green Men" Days

File this under, something new I've learned about our great state.

Sightings of strange objects in the sky have been reported for decades. But, what if one landed in your backyard? People in Christian County are still talking about the Alien Invasion of 1955 today. The case files have been examined by many UFO enthusiasts, and have captured the imagination of many. The "jury" is still out.....

Whether you're a believer in aliens or just like to have a good time, the Kelly "Little Green Men" Days Festival is a perfect road trip! This far-out annual festival will have something for everyone, and happens on the third weekend of August.

Kelly "Little Green Men" Days

On August 16th and 17th, 2019, aliens will invade the Kelly community. Live music, arts & craft booths, delicious food, a carnival for the kids and so much more will happen at the festival. You can take your photo with the 38' foot Flying Saucer too.

Kelly "Little Green Men" Days

The Kelly "Little Green Men" Days Festival is held at Kelley Station Park, 7490 Old Madisonville Road.

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