Do you remember your school librarians? I actually do. Well, two of them, anyway. And, now, we've learned that three former Tamarack Elementary School students have such fond memories of THEIR librarian that they've paid tribute to her in a very cool way.

Our librarian at Masonville Elementary School--I was there from 1972 to 1977--was Mrs. Snowden and then in middle school it was, I believe, Mrs. Blackburn.

Super nice ladies.

And it was in those libraries where I discovered The Hardy Boys, Alfred Hitchcock's The Three Investigators, and Encyclopedia Brown--three 1970s examples of "YA lit."

Recently, Owensboro Living caught up with Debbie Zuerner Johnson, Karen Vanover Bell and Vicki Wells Oldham who attended Tamarack from 1969 and 1975.

These three ladies decided to purchase five books and have them placed in Tamarack's new media center in honor of Muriel O'Bryan Gillim, the school's librarian when they were students there and until Mrs. Gillim retired in 1989.

What an awesome tribute to someone who meant show much to these three women and, very likely, many more.


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