A couple of days ago, my friend Staci Scott posted this recipe on my Facebook page.  She knows that I am an absolute slave to Girl Scout Cookies . . . specifically the Samoa.  In fact, I emcee the Girl Scouts Desserts First event annually and pretty much do it in exchange for cookies.  Yes, I proudly hold a cardboard sign that says "Will work for Samoas!"  So, imagine my delight to see that Staci found a bundt cake recipe inspired by that very same cookie.  Check this out!

(image from BetsyLife.com)
(image from BetsyLife.com)

I am in tears here.  My knees are buckling because they are so weak.  How absolutely delicious does that look?

The recipe comes from the website BetsyLife.com.  Betsy is a San Diego-based food stylist and blogger who has various passions she has whisked together quite successfully.  In fact, I will go ahead and admit it freely.  She had me at "bundt cake."  See Betsy is a virtual "Jill-of-all-trades" who likes photography, creative writing, and food!  And she has concocted this divine recipe for a Samoa Bundt Cake that I cannot wait to try.

Wanna see the recipe?  CLICK HERE!

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I can tell you this!  She's already made my day brighter.  Think how much better it will get when I actually bake this cake and taste it!  OMG!

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