God's Littlest Angels is a group of women here in Owensboro who craft handmade Angel dresses for precious babies who do not make it home from the hospital.  They are hosting a fundraiser and need our help.

Angel here and as a mother of my very own Angel Baby Kathern Elizabeth when I heard that God's Littlest Angels Group need our help I was all about it.

This group was found by two women from Owensboro who met in 2014.  These ladies immediately connected and knew they had to work together to honor the lives of each special angel baby while also providing support and love to the families left to grieve the loss of their child.

They band together with a dream of transforming gorgeous wedding gowns into bereavement gowns and wraps for these babies and this is how the mission was founded.

These ladies have designed and made hundreds of gowns/wraps along with the help of amazing volunteers.  The gowns are distributed all over the country in 25 different hospitals from Gary, Indiana, to Winter Haven, Florida.

Each gown is different.  The gowns have touches from several hands and are stitched with the angel charm logo.  The gowns started as wedding dresses and then the deconstruction begins.  From removing stitches, cutting, sizing, and transforming they pass through the hands and hearts of many.

Additionally, volunteers make mother and infant bracelets using extra beads from the gowns as well as crochet and flannel blankets.

There are 24 active volunteers.  Two groups, Girls Inc and Heritage Christian School, assist in making bracelets.   Owensboro Christian Church graciously provides space for meeting, making, and storing of the gowns.

There are miscellaneous expenses that go into making these gowns including; beading, ribbon, thread, buttons, as well as any administrative expense.

There is no charge to the hospitals or families that receive gowns. Expenses are covered completely by donations from individuals and groups.  Any donations or funding received goes for beading, thread, buttons, and administrative costs involved.

Two of the women who volunteer with the group decided to do something special to raise money for expenses and they pieced together a gorgeous quilt and donated to the babies  The quilt will be auctioned on Facebook with bidding closing Friday, June 19 at 12:00 noon*.  Bids will be accepted in $5.00 increments.  Payment will be accepted by cash or check.

God's Littlest Angels Creations

To donate go to their Facebook page or call 270-702-2200.

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