At the end of November, we were blessed to have Goofy come into the studio as the WBKR SparKy Pet of the Week. He's finally ready for adoption. Here's his story.

I'll remember Goofy for the rest of my life. He made an impact on me, but I think I made a bigger impact on him. He came into the WBKR Studio that late November morning and both of our lives changed forever. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I'm a champion for all of our furry friends. I would do anything for them. They didn't ask to be born and deserve a loving home. SparKy brought this little cutey in that morning and I was so excited to give him cuddles. He was just the sweetest. When I walked into the studio with him for his big radio debut he got startled. It all happened so fast. He got nervous and fell out of my arms and instantly I knew it was bad. His poor leg was twisted. Of course, I cried and visited him after surgery at the hospital.

Here's our video from that day.

The poor leg just wouldn't heal and Goofy was uncomfortable so the decision was made to amputate the leg. Trust me, when I got THAT news, tears really started flowing again. Many of the pets that come to SparKy have already had rough lives and then I made it that much worse. In my pet loving mind, that's how I saw it.

I was told yesterday that Goofy is doing AMAZING and is ready for his fur-ever home which puts a big smile on my face. Let's turn things around for this sweet pup and get him that home and family he's been dreaming about.

To see more about Goofy and ALL of the amazing pets up for adoption visit Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky.

Goofy is an 11 month old terrier mix and is a total sweetheart!

SparKy via Facebook

Just LOOK at these beautiful eyes! He's letting you know that he'll LOVE you forever.

SparKy via Facebook

A HUGE shout out to Marilyn Cliver who's been a wonderful foster mommy to Goofy. She's a blessing to this community. I'm super grateful for the care she's given Goofy.

Marilyn Cliver via Facebook