No matter how you slice it, whether you love a sweet fruit pie, some creamy custard pie, or a pie filled with meat, today is a day to celebrate. It's National Pie Day after all!

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

I bought a blueberry pie with some vanilla ice cream to celebrate the most delicious day of the year. I love a good pie, preferably baked by someone else. I'm not saying blueberry is my favorite, but I do love a good fruit pie. Bavarian cream pie would have to be close to the top of the list for sure. I also make a mean chicken pot pie, and if you're from Northern Michigan like me, you've had a pasty or two.

I grew up in Traverse City, which is the Cherry Capital of the Word, and my favorite bakery to get a slice of pie is the Grand Traverse Pie Company. They actually had one in Evansville before they closed a few years ago. There's even FREE pie on National Pie Day at Grand Traverse Pie Company. Oh, how I miss them, but luckily I will visit again soon to get a slice. Do you have a favorite place to get your slice of pie?

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I have a filling you like pie too! Now, the question is. Which pie is your favorite? Vote below and celebrate National Pie Day.

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