This is legit "business" in the front and "party" in the back!  Easton Campbell, from Greenville, KY, is a finalist in the Kids' Division of the USA Mullet Championships and YOU can help him win the title.  And, according to his mom, Heather, he really wants it.

Easton started growing the mullet during last year's COVID shutdown.  He told his mom he wanted to grow one and she thought, "Well, no one's really gonna see it right now, so okay."  The irony, of course, is that EVERYONE is seeing it now.  Easton is one of 25 finalists competing for the grand prize.

Those 25 finalists, by the way, were named last Thursday.  Fifteen of them advanced based on preliminary votes. The other ten were selected by judges who named them automatic finalists.  Think of it like this.  It's sort of like the "Golden Tickets" that the judges hand out on America's Got Talent. Only this is more like America's Got Mullets.

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Easton's mom had no idea this contest even existed. She found out about it when a couple of her friends tagged her on Facebook.  The entry fee was only $10 and she thought, "What could it hurt?"  The answer?  Nothing at all.  Easton is owning it and crushing it.

Here's a prime example.  On one of the first days of the new school year, Easton's school principal, Mr. Browning, asked, "Easton, is it "business" today or "party?"  Without missing a beat, Easton replied, "It's business through the week, party on the weekends."

Well, it's now all business because the voting party is underway.  By the way, fun fact!  Easton is the only contestant with a two-toned mullet.  Did you notice? This kid's rocking some blonde tips.  That surely earns him some bonus love, right?  Plus, he's from Greenville, so we want everyone in the WBKR listening area voting for Easton's magical mullet.

Here's how you vote.  First, visit the USA Mullet Championships official website by CLICKING HERE!

Enter your email address then scroll down until you get to Easton Campbell.  You'll see a check mark when it's selected.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, complete the CAPTCHA (I'm Not a Robot) challenge, then click VOTE.  Once you do, you'll be taken to the voting confirmation page. You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours.

Heather says Easton is shocked by how far he's gone in the competition, but, now that he's made it this far, REALLY wants to win the title.  And, looking back, she admits she can't believe how far he's come eitherl.  There were nearly 150 kids in his initial category- Kids 9 to 12.

A win for Easton will also be a win for his mom.  Heather knows a thing or two about hair and clearly knows her way around a mullet.  She's a barber at Ellison's Barber Shop in Central City and has been barbering for 12 years now.  And, yes, she cuts Easton's hair and has helped get that mullet major national recognition.

This morning, Easton and Heather joined Angel and me on the show to chat about the contest and that glorious mullet!

Let's all work together to get it some more.  Cast your votes now for Easton's mullet!  Voting closes Monday, October 11th at 10:59 CDT.


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