The new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, premiered on the popular streaming service March 31st, generating solid reviews and a good amount of buzz.

The dark drama begins in the aftermath of the suicide of a teenager named Hannah, whose decision to take her own life was prompted by the actions of 13 people whom she thought, at one point, were her friends.

Their betrayals are the "13 reasons" why she killed herself.

Each episode is about a different one of those friends whose actions are detailed, via narration, in a series of cassette recordings.

The tapes were boxed and mailed by a confidante to the first of the 13, whose instructions were to send them to the next person on the recorded "list," very much in the vein of an elaborate chain letter.

The instructions also indicate that if this chain is broken, the sender--who has copies of all the tapes--will go public with the dark secrets that are on them.

The series' lead character is Clay, played by Dylan Minnette, an actor who was born in Evansville. He's the one on the right.

Minnette's IMDB page also lists movies in which you might have seen him like Prisoners, Don't Breathe, and Let Me In. He's also had roles in other hit TV series like Scandal and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Another of Hannah's friends in 13 Reasons Why is Alex, played by Miles Heizer, who is a native of Greenville, Kentucky, according to HIS IMDB page.

In an interview Heizer gave to Under the Radar in 2011, when he was a co-star on the hit NBC drama Parenthood, he talked about what a crap shoot he thought it was moving out to California from Kentucky just so he could become an actor.

But it's paid off.

He's worked steadily on hit series and in film and now is a major player in a critically-acclaimed new series on a streaming service that's gaining in viewership by the second.

And, by the way, in that interview he also mentions he enjoys coming back to Kentucky from time to time.

He says the food's good here.

Who's to argue?

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