A few months ago the world cheered as Hallmark introduced the Rose Nylund Talking Keepsake Ornament for 2020.  Quite, possibly one of the only good things to come out of this year.

Rose the sweet and quite feisty Golden Girl with a hidden competitive side that kept us in stitches with her St. Olaf stories and her completely clueless personality was now available to hang on your tree and spout words of wisdom for the holiday season.

Don't get too excited yet!  Just like in true 2020 pandemic fashion this EPIC ornament has sold out everywhere.  Angel here and when I wrote about the ornament a few months ago I ordered my very own St. Olafian and picked her up yesterday from Mark's Hallmark.

Unfortunately for now the ornament is unavailable online and unless you want to be on your cell phone all day calling around to different Hallmark locations you probably won't find it.  However, I did find some other fun Golden Girls themed items from Hallmark any true "friend" would love to have.




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