It may be some of the only good news we've gotten to date in 2020 but Hallmark recently announced they will be making Golden Girls Rose Nylund Keepsake Ornaments for Christmas and we are here for it like Blanche and Dorothy for a good ole' St. Olaf story.

Rose the sweet and quite feisty Golden Girl with a hidden competitive side that kept us in stitches with her St. Olaf stories and her completely clueless personality can now hang on your tree and spout words of wisdom for the holiday season.

I looked and found that there are Golden Girl ornaments but this is the first one that actually recites lines from the show.  Rose's most well-known lines throughout the years.

According to;

Hallmark has not announced it will add the other three girls to the list of ornaments but how could you not.  Imagine it a tiny Blanche that says "Eat Dirt & Die Trash" or a Sophia saying "Picture 1941 Sicily" or Dorothy with all of her many sarcastic, witty lines.

I NEED THEM ALL!!!!  But for now, I will have to settle for just Rose.  You can actually pre-order the ornament before October 5th when they come out and should receive it soon after.

It was super easy you just sign up for an account if you don't already have one at and then you add Rose to your Keepsake Wish List and then it will take some information and let you know you will be notified by October 3rd.  They will even ship it right to the Hallmark store closest to you.

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