An Indiana man has gone viral on TikTok after he shared a video of himself returning bags of cash to the Mcdonald's restaurant that had accidentally included the money in his drive-thru order.

New Meaning to "Happy Meal"

In the video, Josiah Vargas of Elkhart, Indiana, who goes by @DookieDoeBoy on TikTok, shares his dismay at the unusual find. He says he had ordered a  Sausage McMuffin, and when the restaurant handed him his food, he found a large amount of cash inside - what he described in the video as "just a couple thousand dollars." It sort of gives new meaning to "Happy Meal." [Keep scrolling to see the entire video of Josiah finding and returning the cash]

attachment-2023-01-19 17_25_18-(2)Josiah Vargas (@dookiedoeboy) _ TikTok
Josiah Vargas via TikTok

Drive-Thru Laundry Service?

Josiah declares in the video before taking the money inside to the employees, "Now I have to return this because I'm a good person." As he carries the McDonald's bag back into the restaurant and up to the counter, you hear him ask jokingly, "You guys laundering money around here?"

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attachment-2023-01-19 17_26_22-(2)Josiah Vargas (@dookiedoeboy) _ TikTok2
Josiah Vargas via TikTok

Blessing from God

The reaction from the employees is nothing short of exuberant, as one of them declares Josiah to be "a blessing from God." Another employee can be heard telling him, "I really want to give you a hug!" He reveals later in the video that the money totaled more than a couple thousand dollars, as he originally thought. There was actually $5,000 in those bags. I can only imagine the relief the employees must have felt.

attachment-2023-01-19 17_27_30-(2)Josiah Vargas (@dookiedoeboy) _ TikTok3
Josiah Vargas via TikTok

On Santa's 'NICE' List

In the video, Josiah says that as a reward for doing the right thing, the store offered Josiah a month's worth of free McDonald's and gave him $200 in cash. Many of those who have left comments on the video, which has garnered more than 2 million views and received more than 21,000 comments on the popular social media app, say that isn't enough of a reward. Even Santa Claus himself has noticed. No doubt Josiah's good deed has landed him on the big man in red's "NICE" list.  A comment from @SantaJClaus reads, "Your integrity is worth more. Good job."

Kat Mykals-TSM

What Now?

There is no word yet from Josiah on TikTok as to whether or not McDonald's corporation has reached out to him despite thousands of comments tagging the fast food giant in their comments on the viral video. For now, Josiah has just been sharing daily updates as he is tracking his weight to see if a month of eating McDonald's will raise the scale from his current 130 pounds and he says he has received a massive outpouring of media inquiries.  You can watch the whole video below (warning: NSFW language)

[Source: @Dookiedoeboy via TikTok]

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