Now I thought Sparky Pet Rescue had the most creative way to celebrate Easter with their Easter Bone Hunt for dogs, but as I was scrolling Tiktok this weekend, I saw something that takes the cake.

A Kentucky woman surprised her husband with quite the challenge! He came into the house with his case of beer, but it was empty! "What the hell? where my beer at?" he asked. "You gotta go find 'em!" she responds. She's taken his beer and hidden them in the yard like an Easter egg hunt. She's not just tossed them out there either. She found some big bright-colored plastic eggs to put them in!

Hubby doesn't look too sure about the idea, but instead of an Easter basket, he grabs his cooler bag and heads outside to begin the search. I don't know whether he'd admit it, but it kinda looks like he starts to have some fun as he collects his festive cans along the way.


@tinawright405 #fyp ♬ original sound - Kentucky 1967

The comments were pretty golden too.

"I think he was irritated at first then realized it was pretty cute."

"The fact you also had or bought eggs big enough to put each beer in has me hollering. This is fantastic."

"This is so cute. You know for years he’s gonna be saying remember that Easter you made me find the beers in the yard? The little boy in him is loving this I’m sure."

Towards the end, he goes to crack one open. I'm sure he worked up a thirst working so hard to find his boozy eggs. "Damn, they could at least a been cold!" he said as he finds out the beers have gotten warm. "Oh well, I'll put 'em in the 'frigerator."

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Ladies, remember this for next year!! What a hilarious and adorable way for grown-ups to have some fun for Easter.

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