Remember when I told you guys about this t-shirt? Hartford native Rachael (Patton) Sinclair designed it and many others for the Kentucky for Kentucky shops. Sinclair is now being name one of the top 10 Outstanding Graphic Designers in Kentucky

One of Sinclair's first major projects were designs on various horses around downtown Louisville.

Last fall, she designed this 40-foot-long mural for the tunnel leading into Commonwealth Stadium at the University of Kentucky.

This is Sinclair's re-imagining of Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys' first studio album, Knee Depp in Bluegrass


And here's a print she designed for the Kentucky for Kentucky shops.

You'll notice the giant burgoo kettle and largest sassafras tree by Owensboro. 

Here's Rachael's self-portrait:

See more of Rachael's incredible work HERE