Raise your hand if you love Grippo's potato chips! They are a favorite in our house with their perfect crunchiness and flavors that pack a serious punch. From regular BBQ chips to popcorn, pretzels, beef jerky, and even a spice shaker, Grippo's has many ways to enjoy the goodness. We have used that spice for dips, fries, and pork chops and will even crush Grippo's on the occasional BBQ chicken pizza.


But, lately, it seems I have had to have a glass of milk handy to put out the fifive-alarmire that breaks out in my mouth when I eat them.  Even Michael who seems to have a higher tolerance for spicy things has agreed that Grippo's seems to have turned up the heat. However, I have read that as a person gets older, tastebuds and things can change. Is that what we are experiencing? Is it just in our heads?

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Just the other day, I learned we are not alone! My friend Rafe made a post on Facebook the other asking:

"Is it just me or did the Grippo Potato Chip company turn up the heat on these BBQ joints?!?! #sheesh #whereisthemilk #stillfirethough #literallyandfiguratively #thenastynati

So hilarious! I love the hashtags. I am so glad the comment section didn't disappoint. GIFs of people sweating or breathing fire and so many folks who also agree that Grippo's BBQ Chips seem to have gotten spicier. They had me CACKLING.

Jason Stites " Man I thought it was just me, bald head be sweatin "


Gerry Smoot "Bruh. I thought I wasn’t gonna have an esophagus anymore after having them the last time. #iwasntready"


Aaron Kizer "Bro… I swear l wondered the same thing last night. I thought I was just being more of a wimp."

So, since this seems to be a bigger concern than just my own, I decided to do some investigating and contact the fine folks at Grippo's.  What would it hurt for me to reach out to our friends just right over the northern Kentucky border in Cincinnati? Did you know they've been making Grippo's since 1919? ThSome variables canake a difference in the flavor of the chips., but they have mostly remained the same since they were created.


Here is my message to Grippo's customer service:

"Good morning, My friends and I were talking the other day about how we have noticed Grippo's chips have gotten hotter. Has the recipe changed at all? We still love them! Just curious if it's all in our heads. Thank you!


They wrote me back super quick a few hours later:

"We have not changed how we make our chips. We have been receiving peppers with more heat than normal from our suppliers / farmers. This happens occasionally. We are doing our best to correct this. Thanks for sending us your comments.

-Jerry D. Hawk, Customer Service Specialist"

Well Jerry, bless your heart for caring so much about our Grippo's consumption. It is good to know we aren't going crazy and there is a reasonable explanation for the elevation in heat. I'm also glad that they know about the change and that it won't be permanent. As I said, I still love them and will eat them when the craving hits, but thankfully I won't always have to chase them with milk.


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