When we graduate high school or college most of us celebrate not ever having to do homework again...UNTIL WE HAVE CHILDREN.  Many of us are not cut out to help our kids and here's why.

Angel here and if you haven't heard my entire house has COVID.  Them being home means they are all doing their work from computers and worksheets.  It also means I am about to looooooooooooose it.  If I hear "Momma help or mom what does this mean" one more time I am headed to the Blue Bridge.

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The irony is I actually have a teaching degree.  I have worked in the classroom and loved every minute of it.  When it's your own kids it is completely different or at least it is for me.  I don't have the patience I'll admit it.  Last year during the pandemic may have pushed me right to the edge of my breaking point and I feel like I am back there all over again.  For example, when they act like they don't know something so you'll get frustrated and just tell them the answer!  This drives me bonkers because I know what they're doing.

And let's talk about getting distracted.  They could be working on Math and I find them on YouTube looking up booger videos.  I mean unless you're looking up how to count your own boogers for math you better turn that crap off.

Speaking of math what exactly are they learning nowadays.  I can't comprehend common core for the life of me.  If Susie has 5 apples and Betty gives her 3 tomatoes how many hamburgers can she make on the George Foreman Grill?  Ok, so that is a bit of an exaggeration but it's pretty close.

I have to give it to teachers in the classroom.  They seriously deserve to be paid way more.  Huge shoutout to all teachers in the classroom currently and retired.  You are amazing and thank you for stepping up so the rest of us can keep our sanity intact.

How good are you at helping your kids with their homework?

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